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We offer a comprehensive selection of services that cover every aspect of a customer’s program or project, including management, procurement, consulting, security, and alternative project delivery in the following fields:

Cobo Consulting:

  • Educational Facilities.

  • Commercial and Industrial.

  • High End Residential.

  • Affordable Housing.

  • Water Treatment.

  • Sewer Treatment.

  • Specialized Sewer Treatment for Hospitals and Abattoir/Slaughterhouses.

  • Water Reclamation.

In Partnership with CIHT:

  • High Technology project management.

  • Oil and gas technical services.

  • Applied Technology solutions.

In Partnership with VIA Design Concepts.

  • Design – Develop – Build – Deliver

  • Educational Institution Planning, Design and development

  • Project supervision and control

Founded in 2001, Cobo Construction Corp

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