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About us

is a US (Florida) based, construction, technical, and project services firm with projects in Florida, Colombia, and Nigeria. We conquer tough logistical challenges and deliver design/design-build, program/construction management, and other professional services to our customers.

As a small owner operated firm, led by Alex A. Cobo, Cobo Consulting can deliver custom tailored solutions to turn your project ideas into reality. By partnering with expert professionals from different disciplines around the world, combined with local expertise, we can quickly assemble the ideal team for your project.

Developers, Project Managers & General Contractors Serving Miami Dade County & South Florida since 2001. Cobo has executed projects in Colombia, Nigeria, Mali and currently in Congo as Project Manager/Developer of Educational Projects

Founded in 2001, Cobo Construction Corp

The Team

Alex Cobo

Alex Cobo is a Civil Engineer (Tulane University), Construction Manager (Valle University) and MBA (Tulane University) with 40 years of experience in the development, design, construction and delivery of projects in South Florida/Miami, Sub Saharan Africa and Colombia.

Giannina Minervine

Giannina Minervine has 35 years of experience in management, banking and as developer and realtor of work force housing in Miami Dade

Selected Clients

-VIA Design Studio

- The Housing League Inc - Mr Jerry Flick

- Housing Development LLC

- One Cafe Miami

- Olivier Widmaier Picasso

-Poliform Miami

-Bisazza Miami

-James Duncan Studio

-Frank Prisinzano - Frank NYC

-Weber Studio Miami

-GMK Investments LLC

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